New Tools for Running IPFS Nodes

We’ve open-sourced two internal tools to help developers interact more seamlessly with IPFS.

We’ve open-sourced two internal tools to help developers interact more seamlessly with IPFS:


This plugin configures the Datadog tracer to collect traces and relay them to the agent. It enables someone hosting a go-ipfs node to better monitor it, gain insight into how well or poorly requests are handled, detect problems and set up alarms.


Internally we needed a way to migrate our data: from the previous IPFS backend, to one that’s currently in production. The existing solution for migrating data between nodes was brittle and inefficient — so we built Ipfs-pump.

This tool enables us to migrate significant amounts of data quickly and reliably. It’s very versatile, allowing us to copy data to and from different types of storage: via FlatFS or Badger if the node is turned off and through the API if the node is turned on. When copying through the API, migration can also be achieved using a remote node over the internet.

Why is Infura Open-Sourcing These Components?

As one of the oldest infrastructure providers in a nascent industry, we’ve built a very experienced team; a team that loves building great internal tools to solve development problems. Like all participants in the ecosystem, we understand the potential of IPFS and we want to bring more people into it. So where we can, we’re sharing tools and knowledge to help other developers build engaging and efficient distributed applications on IPFS.

These tools in particular go hand-in-hand with other contributions we’re making upstream to the IPFS ecosystem to improve remote access and how the system can be used for hosting.

When Can Developers Start Using These Tools?

As of today, both tools are live and ready to use! Head to or and start with the README file for steps to implementation. We’ll be open-sourcing more tools in the future so be sure to follow our blog or subscribe to the Infura newsletter to stay up-to-date.

We’re hiring! If you’re a Senior Backend Engineer with extensive knowledge of Go/Python or Go/JavaScript and interested in IPFS, submit your application now.